seeingyouDick Rienstra:
“I dedicate this CD to my mother (1919-1973). She loved this repertoire. Especially the title song I’ll be seeing you -from 1938- is, for me, somehow connected with her.”

We go together through the years
We share the laughter and the tears
You fill my emptiness with smiles
I sing you lovesongs all the while
© Dick Rienstra
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In love in vain – 4.16
Stardust – 3.44
I’ll be seeing you – 3.26
Little green apples – 5.27
Misty – 4.47
My one and only love – 4.26
I fall in love too easily – 4.14
I wish you love – 3.49
Tenderly – 5.20
We go together through the years – 4.42
I get a kick out of you – 4.07
There will never be another you – 2.37

Producer: Dick Rienstra
Arrangements: Henk Meutgeert
Musicians: Henk Meutgeert, Edwin Corzilius, Hans Dekker
WJCD 70613194-1