Dick Rienstra has been working as a voice over in the commercial world ever since the early 1970s. He has done radio and television ads as well as video productions.

Additionally he works as a voice actor for audio tapes, CD-roms, narrating fairy tales on CD, dubbing projects and radio jingles.

Also he can been seen as actor and presenter in instruction videos and TV commercials.

[b]Radio-commercials[/b]: [a href=”media.php?ID=37″]Autoweek[/a] / Plus-magazine / [a href=”media.php?ID=40″]Motrac[/a] / [a href=”media.php?ID=41″]United Consumers[/a] / Wijzonol / Amev / Hewlett-Packard / Omo / Autotaalglas / Care Nederland / [a href=”media.php?ID=46″]CompuServe[/a] / [a href=”media.php?ID=50″]Het Financieele Dagblad[/a]

[b]TV-commercials (voice)[/b]: Kijkshop / Black&Decker / Eiffel / Disneyland Parijs / ITS / Natuurmonumenten / Huidfonds

[b]Radio-jingles[/b]: [a href=”media.php?ID=47″]Maasland Radio[/a] / Omroep SLOT / Radio Clown & Acrobaat

[b]Instruction videos[/b]: Hokatex / ING / PTT-post / Cacao De Zaan / ABNAMRO / KPN-Telecom / / Centraal Beheer

[b]TV-commercials (acting)[/b]: Omo / Autan / Becel / Tantum / TPG / Centraal Beheer / BCC

[b]Other[/b]: [a href=”media.php?ID=49″]Voice variation “farmer”[/a], [a href=”media.php?ID=43”]Voice variation “silly man”[/a]

[b]Narrator[/b]: [a href=”media.php?ID=42″]Hansel en Gretchen[/a][a href=”media.php?ID=1”]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oa2EQpbgKpc[/a]